Tom Howie - Stepping Stones tab

Hey people. This is my first tab, written for Tom Howie's first single "Stepping
I had to tab it out by ear. It's not too difficult, but takes a bit of practice playing with
fingers. Listen to the song for the picking rhythm. There are probably at least a few 
can perfect it yourself.

Em7 (079980)       Em  (022000)
E5/C(8799xx)       C/G (332010)
Cm7 (035450)       G   (320033)
Bm  (024430)       D   (000232) [Hammer on 3rd fret on e string with pinky]
Am  (002213)       B7  (021202)

/ = Slide
S = Slap on bass string with thumb
M = Palm Mute
h = Hammer-on
p = ping-off

INTRO [x2] (Use pinky)e|-----------------10------|B|---8-7/8---8-8-----8--8--|G|---9-9-----9-9-----9--9--|D|--9-------------------9--|A|-7---------7-7-----7--7--|E|---------S-----S----S----|
VERSE "We know only of what has been..." Same as INTRO [x2]. Then... "And out of the grave..."
Then play Intro riff just once, with strumming on the last chord. [Cm7] CHORUS "I'll always be like a moth to a flame.." Em - C - G - D x4 End on B7 ("I'll follow that flame, I'll follow that flame..") and then.. [x2]
And go back to VERSE That's about all you need to play the song. Enjoy! :) If you have any questions, you can email me at divine_cha0s[at] -Adrian
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