Tom Jones - Im Coming Home chords

I'm Coming Home:Tom Jones
#2 UK, #10 Ireland and #57 in USA in 1967.

           (Capo 2nd fret.)

D Em G AI'm coming home, to your, loving heart,
D Bm G A A7to the one that I once, threw away and broke apart.
D B7 EmI want you, I need you..a chance is all, I'm asking now.
AI must get back, to you, somehow.
D GSo I am coming home to you.
E AFor I am nothing without you.
D, you found somebody new.
E A A7But I'm still coming home to you...
D Em G APlease let me stay, and forget your pride.
D BmNow my world is falling round me..
Em G AI got nowhere to hide.
D B7I want you, I need you,
EmI know it's true, I made you cry,
AThen like a fool I say goodbye.
D GNow, I am coming home to you.
E AThis life means nothing without you.
D you found somebody new.
E DBut, I'm still coming home, to you.
A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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