Tom Jones – Detroit City chords ver. 2

ELast night I went to sleep in Detroit City,
A and I dreamed about those cotton fields at home.
I dreamed about my mother,
E dear old Papa, Sister and brother,
F# I dreamed about that girl
B7 who's been waiting for so long.
E A I wanna go home, I wanna go home,
B7 E oh, how I wanna go home!
EHome, folks think I'm big in Detroit City.
A From the letters that I write, they think I'm fine.
But by day, I make the cars,
E and by night I make the bars,
F# B7 If only they could read between the lines!
EYou know,
I rode a freight train north to Detroit City. After all these years,
A I find that I've just been wastin' my time.
So I just think I'll take my foolish pride,
E put on a south bound freight and ride,
F# Goin' back to the love ones,
B7 The ones I left waitin' so far behind.
E AI wanna go home, I wanna go home,
B7 E oh, how I want to go home.
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