Tom Mcrae - My Vampire Heart chords

Beautiful song, and an underated musician.

Standard Tuning, Capo 2: (F# B E A C# F#)

AmDarling I'm lost
FAdrift in the dark
AmI'm clutching your words
FTo my vampire heart once more
AmSo let in the light
FTurn me to dust
AmIf it don't end in bloodshed dear
FIt's probably not love
CHere we are
G FIn the darkest place
C My reflection
G FShows only your face
AmSomething is found
FSomething is lost
AmWent looking for clues
FOn the streets of old New York
AmI spilled someone's blood
FI broke someone's heart again
AmSomeone you know
FYou're looking at him my friend
Em AmAnd the people in our lives
Em AmWe all leave behind
FLeave behind
C Here we are
G FIn the darkest place
CTo keep from forgetting
G FI picture your face
C And I wonder
G FWhile we count the cost
C GWhich is sweeter
FLove or it's loss
CSo I curse you
G FMy vampire heart
C GFor letting me you love you
FLove you
C GFor letting me love you
AmFrom the start
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