Tom Mcrae – Ghost Of Shark tab ver. 2

Tom McRae - Ghost Of A Shark

Capo 5 (no capo for album version)

Tuning : Drop D (DADGBe)

This is the way Tom plays it live. I've tabbed it thanks to a video where you can see 
his right hand picking :)

Here are the 4 chords used. For their order, refer to another tab (but it's pretty easy 
to hear which one goes where).

D Bm A Ge||-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|------------||B||-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|------------||G||---------0-------|---------0-------|---------0-------|------------||D||-----0-----0-----|-----0-----0-----|-----0-----0-----|--(5)-------||A||---9-----------9-|---9-----------9-|---7-----------7-|---5--------||D||-0-----0-----0---|-9-----9-----9---|-7-----7-----7---|-5----------||
Hope youlike it ;) LaurentJoulzy
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