Tom Mcrae – Ghost Of Shark tab

OK, here goes. You need to tune the guitar to open D (DADF#Ad). However, as the top two
strings are not needed, I normally just retune the 6th and 3rd strings, cos I'm lazy! I
am doing this from memory, so I am not 100% sure that the notes for the Em chord are
completely accurate, but they sound alright when I play it. Corrections gratefully received!

If you just wanna strum along in normal tuning the chords are:
D(sus4), Bm(6), Em(9)
Numbers in brackets indicate the voicings he changes between - sounds OK just playing
the basic chords as well though.

Played fingerstyle:


Repeat twice for the intro, 4 times for the verse Chorus:
Em(9)d-]-----------------]-----------------]---A-]-----------------]-----------------]---F#]---0-----1-------]---0-----1-------]---D-]-----2-----2---2-]-----2-----2---2-]---A-]-----------------]-----------------]---D-]-2-----2-----2---]-2-----2-----2---]-0-(hold open D)
Such a cool song. This was the first Tom Mcrae I ever heard - still a favourite! Anyone else at the Gig at Islington on Nov 23rd? It was awesome. Can't wait till the next time I'm gonna have ago at the solo in a bit - watch this space...
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