Tom Milsom - Cant chords

Can't by: Tom Milsom and Alan Lastufka
*it helps if you listen to the track while you play the song to get some of the timings right 

D A C G D x2

A Em He can't put into words
CJust how she made him melt
GShe molded folded, pasted and cut
A Em His edited heart was her favorite work of art
CAnd it surprised him every day
GThe way she made him obey
D A C G D x2
A He can't see clearly
EmThrough love tinted eyes
C G Her erotic, robotic bedroom lies
A Em C Paid off in a blur for the minute he was let inside her
GHe can't complain about the strain
DOf her relationship games
D A C G D x2
A He can't dream vividly
Em C While nightmares run wild
GShe locked, blocked and mocked his smile
A He's been destroyed
Em CTears come falling from her trained toy
GAnd with a sigh he can't explain why
DBut he can't say "goodbye"
D A C G D x2 A
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