Tom Milsom – Toy Ode To An Imaginary Pachyderm chords

Cm It's so easy to pretend
EbThat I'm your mother and you are my best friend
Ab Bb CmI won't dream about you if you don't dream of me
CmAll the games we play are more than
Eb You could ever know, one in a million
Ab Bb CmI'm not mad at you, You're never mad at me
(same chords throughout) Don't be happy, do be sad, Don't be angry but do be very glad That you're unaware of the fact you exist I'm a woman you're a man, or We're just cheetahs deep in the Savannah, You will always be my favourite friend, oh elephant It was many years ago That you'd sit comfortably there on my pillow I don't look at you now you won't look at me Growing up, imagination Is no more than a vague irritation I won't talk to you if you can't talk to me You're my friend and I'm a boy Or I'm a fully grown man and you're a toy Elephant Hi, I'm Ryan! DFTBA! Here's my music: byeeeeee
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