Tom Milsom – Genetics chords

Genetics - Tom Milsom
Tabbed by Sam Brown

Tuning: Standard

Sounds best on Uke, though you can play it on anything you like!

Intro: C, F

C FI knew our plan was doomed right from the start
C FThe human body's made of more than just a heart and though it
Am CSeemed we'd be together for eternity
Am F GThat's a long long way away from how it seemed to be to me
Am F GIt isn't right that we should fight about the way we fit together
Am F GJust another complication that is standing in our way
Am F GAnd you know I love you so and even though we'll make a monster
Am F GIt's a beautiful disaster that's too terrible to simply throw away
C FOur arteries are red and our veins remain blue
C FBut even so our damaged blood trickles through it's
Am F CTrue that all our relatives died from the
Am F CBlood that trickled round their insides and so far
Am F CWe've lived our lives thinking everything was fine, not
Am F GThinking of the trouble bourne inside us at the time and now we've
Am F GCome to find the sum is greater than the parts that make it, this
Am F GHereditary sorrow was kept quiet through the years, oh the
Am F GGrief and the relief our parents felt when we we're healthy new born
Am F GBabies we don't get; because genetics is a science made of tears.
C, F outro
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