Tom Odell – Don't Belong In Hollywood chords

Cm FHello, my beautiful friend
Bb F EbDid you get the money that your mother sent?
Cm FYour pictures don't make sense
Bb F EbAre you happy or do you just pretend?
D Eb FYou live in a town made by movie stars and educated hearts
D EbMight sound like Amy Winehouse singing in your car
FDo you wanna play that part?
Eb FWear a dress your record label bought you
Eb FFall in love with some Californian boy
D EbFool me, did you think you could
F Eb Eb Cm7You don't belong in Hollywood, no no
Cm FHey kids, look at my face
Bb F EbI'm sick and tired of being somebody that you hate
Cm FGee whiz, pack all my bags
Bb F EbI'll buy a first class seat direct to L.A.X.,
D Eb FNo boy, I'll be a music star I'll buy a Jaguar
D EbAnd every joke I tell, the audiance will laugh
FBeverly boulevard
Eb FOne day we'll be standing there face to face
Eb FBut you won't see the tears beneath my Prada shades
D EbFool you oh I thought I could
F Eb Bb Cm7I don't belong in Hollywood, no no
Ab EbSay what you wanna say
Ebm BbHow people change and there's no point reminiscing
C FmIt's 3AM and I'm still awake
Bb GI keep thinking babe, my phone's vibrating
Ab BbFool me, did you think you could
Bb Cm FCome back to the neighbourhood
Ab BbI should have loved you when I could
Bb Cm FOh, we're hopelessly misunderstood
Ab BbWe don't belong in Hollywood
Ab Eb Fm EbNo, we don't belong in Hollywood, no no
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