Tom Paxton - You Can Eat Dog Food chords

G7quit your bellyaching bub
Csaying you can't afford your grub
Fsaying a dollar ain't a dollar no more
Gtell me buddy what's new
G7can't afford to buy bread no more
Cwell this ain't a charity store
Fyou say your kid's are hungry too
Gwell it's good news for you
Fyou can eat dog food!
Cyou really ought to try it!
Gyou can fricassee it!
Cyou can deep fry it!
Fflip it on over!
Ceat it any way!
Geat along with rover,
C 3 times a day!
it comes in a bag or a can just the meal for a working man if you're down on your luck just now it'll get you through the day if you eat in the afternoon you're gonna feel like baying at the moon but you're complaining too soon this is all I gotta say! chorus: you can eat dog food! you really ought to try it! you can fricassee it! you can deep fry it! flip it on over! cook it any way! eat along with rover, 3 times a day! find yourself a little vacant lot clean the garbage from a little spot light a fire let the coals get hot ask the neighbors in! you can open up a can or two make patties like the swell folks do have yourself a little barbecue and let the fun begin! chorus and out.
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