Tom Petty - Wildflowers tab version 1

This is my first tab, but this song is too easy and too many people are tabbing in 
so here's the right way to play it...

Capo on 5th fret

Strum this(part 1) from the start, 6 times... F C G C e:|3---------------|3---------------|3---------------|3---------------| B:|1---------------|1---------------|0---------------|1---------------| G:|0h2-------------|0---------------|0---------------|0---------------| D:|0h3-------------|0h2-------------|0---------------|0h2-------------| A:|----------------|0h3-------------|0h2-------------|0h3-------------| E:|----------------|----------------|3---------------|----------------| You belong among the wildflowers You belong in a boat out at sea Sail away kill off the hours You belong somewhere you feel free...
after 'free' strum this (part 2), holding the chord for a couple of bars... C e:|3---3---3---3---| B:|1---1---1---1---| G:|0---0---0---0---| D:|0---0---0---0h2-| A:|3---3---3---3---| E:|----------------|
Play part 1 again for 'Run away, find you a lover' Then a slight change... (part 3)
F C G G e:|3---------------|3---------------|3----3---3---3--|3----3---3---3----| B:|1---------------|1---------------|0----0---0---1p0|0----0---0---1p0--| G:|0h2-------------|0---------------|0----0---0---0--|0----0---0---0----| D:|0h3-------------|0h2-------------|0----0---0---0--|0----0---0---0----| A:|----------------|0h3-------------|0h2--2---2---2--|2----2---2---2----| E:|----------------|----------------|3----3---3---3--|3----3---3---3----| Go away somewhere all bright and new
Play part 1 again for 'I have seen no other, who compares with you' and again for 'you belong among the wildflowers' Play part 3 for 'you belong in a boat out at sea' Part 1 - 'you belong with your love on your arm' and again for 'you belong somewhere you feel free' Then part 2 again Then pay this (part 4) all the way through twice while keeping the strumming rhythm...
F C G G e:|3-------3-------|3--------3------|3----3---3---3--|3----3---3---3----| B:|1-------1-------|1--------1------|0----0---0---1p0|0----0---0---1p0--| G:|2-------0-------|0--------0------|0----0---0---0--|0----0---0---0----| D:|3-------2-------|2--------0------|0----0---0---0--|0----0---0---0----| A:|----------------|3--------0------|2----2---2---2--|2----2---2---2----| E:|----------------|---------2------|3----3---3---3--|3----3---3---3----|
F C G G e:|3---------------|3---------------|3----3---3---3--|3----3---3---3----| B:|1---------------|1---------------|0----0---0---1p0|0----0---0---1p0--| G:|2---------------|0---------------|0----0---0---0--|0----0---0---0----| D:|3---------------|2---------------|0----0---0---0--|0----0---0---0----| A:|----------------|3---------------|2----2---2---2--|2----2---2---2----| E:|----------------|----------------|3----3---3---3--|3----3---3---3----|
Repeat the above for the rest of the song, it's that easy!!
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