Wake Up Time tab with lyrics by Tom Petty - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tom Petty – Wake Up Time tab

          A7      G          A7         G
You follow your feelings, you follow your dreams
        A7        G     G       D
You follow the leader into the trees
        A7          G             A7          G
And what's in there waiting, neither one of us knows
        A7        G     G        D
You gotta keep one eye open the further you go

         A7                 C                   D
You never dreamed you'd go down on one knee, but now
         A7                 C                   D
Who could have seen, you'd be so hard to please somehow

           D                      D
You feel like a poor boy, a long way from home
           D                      D      G    C    G
You're just a poor boy, a long way from home

And it's wake up time
  C                D
Time to open your eyes
   C            G
And rise and shine
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