Tom Petty – A Higher Place tab

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Date: Sun, 3 Sep 1995 10:55:00 -0400
Subject: tom petty's "A HIGHER PLACE"

Hello Everybody!:-)  This is my second Stab at transcibing music, and I think
this one is great. Well, here is another stab at another great tune of Tom's

first off, you only have to use 3 chords for the majority of the song. they

E chord                Asus2                  Dsus2

E--0------ E--------- E----------|F--0------ F--------- F-----3----|D--1------ D--2------ D---1-------|B--2------ B--2------ B-----------|G--2------ G--------- G-----------|E--0------ E--------- E----------|
(that's the fret's you have to hold, you play around with the fingering with your liking:-) here is how you would start off the begining on an acoustic guitar. E Asus2 Dsus2 Asus2 E Asus2 Dsus2 that's the beginning! I don't have the cd on me right now, but if you know the song, you probably know the rythym!!!! Here Are the lyrics! p.s. there are a few other chords, you probably know them though! VERSE 1: We Gotta get to a higher place and we gotta leave by night. Before that river takes us down we gotta find somwhere that's dry We gotta run like we never run, or we're gonna lose the light. We Don't get to a higher place and find somebody, can help somebody, might be nobody no more We gotta get to a higher place and i hope we all arrive together. we gotta get to a higher place if we wanna survive the weather) VERSE 2: (Well, i fool myself and i don't know why I thought we could ride this out I was up all night making up my mind But now i got my doubts I got my eye on the waterline Trying to keep my sense of humor) VERSE 3: (I remember walking with her in town, Her hair was in the wind I gave her my best kiss She gave it back again When i add up what I've left behind I don't want to lose no more) If you want the chord switches and lead, (which i have!), just E-mail me. If you really want the leads, you would mail me, and tell me that you appreciate my work right? anyway, any requests, (I like Live, (the group:-) Ac/dc and i guess you could throw in Sringe Toting Pilots. any questions, comments, Death Threats, questions about computers (Dos or GW-Basic, I am the Man!) just email me!! The Notorious The Infamous
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