Tom Petty – Breakdown tab

			     Breakdown - Tom Petty
Tabbed by: Jeremy N


Riff: Played throughout, including the outroe:|----------------------------------------------------|B:|--10/8/10-------------------------------------------|G:|-----------9--9/7/9---------------------------------|D:|---------------------7--7/5/7-----------------------|A:|-------------------------------7--------------------|E:|----------------------------------------------------|
Fill 1: only played at the beginninge:|--8-------------------------------------------------|B:|----10h8---8-10h8-----------------------------------|G:|---------9------------------------------------------|D:|----------------------------------------------------|A:|----------------------------------------------------|E:|----------------------------------------------------|
Fill 2: varations of this fill are played with the riff . The solo is based off this too.
Intro Fill 1 Riff Fill 2 Riff Fill 2 Verse Am G Am G Its alright if you love me, Am G Am G Its alright if you don't Am G Am G I'm not afraid of you runnin away honey, Am G Fmaj7 I got this feeling you won't Am G Am G Say there aint no use in pretending, Am G Am G Your eyes give you away Am G Am G Something inside you is feeling like I do, Am G Fmaj7 We said all there is to say Fmaj7 G/f Am/f G/f Am G F G Breakdown go ahead and give it to me Am G F G Breakdown take me through the night Am G F G Breakdown go ahead give it to me, Am G Fmaj7 Breakdown its alright, Fmaj7 G/f Am/f G/f Fmaj7 G/f Am/f G/f Am G Am G its alright its alright | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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