Tom Petty – Strangered In The Night tab

Strangered in the Night
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
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Key of E

For all the true Heartbreaker fans!

(FYI): At the beginning,
[pianist] Benmont Tench says: “Ron, wanna play?”
Ron (bass) hits E for a second,
and Stan Lynch counts off with his sticks
while Mike Campbell (guitar) tunes. Then:

E|------12---12\\---| Then a long pick scrape up and down the neck.B|------12---12\\---|G|------------------|D|------------------|A|------------------|E|------------------|
Main lick: D AE|----------------------2----0--------|B|----------------------3----2--------|G|----------------------2----2--------| 8xD|----------------------0----2--------|A|-----------2-4-------------0--------|E|--0-0--3-4-----3-0------------------|
This is repeated for 17 measures. “Well it was dark at midnight There was hardly any moon And no one really saw much No one was really sure”
Then, the rhythm moves up a string. (More or less) G DE|----------------------3----2--------|B|----------------------0----3--------|G|----------------------0----2--------|D|-----------2-4--------0----0--------|A|--0-0--3-4-----3-0----2-------------|E|----------------------3-------------|
“But something didn’t seem right Things seemed kinda queer” (Now back to main lick) The roar turned into whispers Everyone stood there”
CHORUS“The sound just split the night- like hiding from the light- like strangers in the night in the night)” G A E D GE|--3----0-----------------------2----0--------|B|--0----2----0------------------3----2--------|G|--0----2----1------------------2----2--------|D|--0----2----2------------------0----2--------|A|--2----0----2-------2-4-------------0--------|E|--3---------0---3-4-----3-0------------------|
Repeat all of this for Verse 2: “Well I didn’t see those shotguns And I didn’t see no knife But I saw this crazy black guy With a demon in his eye And I Heard him say, “White man!” I’ve seen that silver cue! You don’t remember me but I remember you The sound just split the night Like hiding from the light Like strangers in the night (Strangers in the night)
Then play the main lick twice before starting the 3rd verse. Well the knife just left his fingers As the black guy took his aim The white guy’s head exploded The black guy howled in pain And then everybody scattered I heard some woman scream God damn that old black bastard Well you’ve blown away my dreams CHORUS After that, a solo is played over the main lick until it fades out. The middle solo, fills, and outro will be added later. I tabbed this without a top E-string on my guitar, so the solos are forthcoming after I re-string. Thanks for looking up great music!
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