Tom Petty - Square One tab

Tom Petty
Square One
Tabbed by:Jesse Modzelewski

No one seemed to post a proper intro to this song, so here it is

(chords not in rhythm) then slide on up to--->e|--3--3--3--5--3----------------/-----------------7--7--7--7---------------||B|--3--3--3--3--3----------------/-----------------8--8--8--8---------------||G|--4--4--4--4--4----------------/-----------------9--9--9--9---------------||D|--5--5--5--5--5--(X4)----------/-----------------9--9--9--9---------------||A|--5--5--5--5--5----------------/------------------------------------------||E|--3--3--3--3--3----------------/------------------------------------------||
As for the rest of the song, I recommend going by one of the tabs on this site.
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