Tom Petty - Dont Fade On Me tab version 2

This is one of my favorite TP tunes (and also one of his most underrated and underplayed 
Didn't see any tabs that were quite right so wanted to submit my version...

Tuning is Dropped D


 D (listen for pick pattern)

and an occasional

E ---------------------|B ----------------3----|G ----------------2----|D---3p0-----------0----|A -----3p0-------------|D --------3b---0-------|
Verse: Am7 F G D
E ----------------------------------|B ----1--------0----0-------3-----3-|G ------0------0----0-------2-----2-|D --2----2------------------0-----0-|A -0-0------------------------------|D ----------3-----5-----0------0----|
' Chorus:
Dm Amin7 DE ------------------------|B -6-----1----------3-----|G -x-----0----------2-----|D--7-----2----------0-----|A -------0----------------|D -0----------------0-----|
End with "no don't fade on me [hard strum on open D]" then
Riff at End of ChorusE ---------------------|B ----------------3----|G ----------------2----|D---3p0-----------0----|A -----3p0-------------|D --------3b---0-------|
Lyrics: I remember you so clearly The first one through the door I return to find you drifting Too far from the shore I remember feeling this way You can lose it without knowing You wake up and you don't notice Which way the wind is blowing Don't fade Don't fade on me You were the one who made things different You were the one who took me in You were the one thing I could count on Above all you were my friend Don't fade Don't fade on me Well your clothes hang on a wire And the sun is overhead But today you are too weary To even leave your bed Was it love that took you under? Or did you know too much? Was it something you could picture? But never could quite touch? Don't fade ----------------------------------------- Cheers! - Jake
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