Tom Petty – All Or Nothin chords

Intro: Fm

FmYour daddy was a Sgt. Major
You didn't wanna but he made you Wipe his brass from time to time It left a picture in your mind.
Bb C Db Eb Bb C Db EbYou know? You know?
Fm Bb CYou want it all, you want it all
FmAll or nothin'
(Same pattern for the rest of the song, except for the solo) Here am I a fallen arrow My load is wide, my street is narrow My skin is thicker, my heart is tougher I don't mind workin', but I'm scared to suffer You know? You know? (Chorus) Sweet chariots of L.A. swing low At twilight time the smog makes a rainbow So keep one eye on the weather You had it good, you wanted better You know? You know? (Chorus)
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