Tom Petty – Jefferson Jericho Blues chords

	     JEFFERSON JERICHO BLUES - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Mojo - June 2010, Track 1

Tabbed by: gstring963

Note:  the "A" lick is the intro and is repeated after each verse

Tuning: standard

repeated lick (do in place of an A chord)

DWell poor Tom Jefferson
He loved the little maid out back (do lick 3 times)
DMidnight creepin' out to the servant's shack (lick 3 times)
EKept a secret under the bed
DWrapped in a burlap sack (lick)
DWell I drove all day and night
Out to Jericho (lick 3 times)
DBut in my second mind
I knew it was time to go (lick)
EYeah and I still get nervous every time
DThat bugle blows (lick)
Harp solo over A, guitar solo over full chord pattern
DWell she ain't no good for me
But I just can't let go (lick)
DIf I sit here thinking
My thoughts will overflow (lick)
EAnd I can't keep from crying
DCan't keep time from moving slow (lick)
go out over A - C - A - G - A chord boogie. End on A chord flare. ************************************
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