Tom Petty - Wildflowers chords version 2

(Capo on 5) F9 C G Am7 Dsus4E|--3------3------3------3--------3B|--1------1------1------1--------3G|--2------0------0------0--------2D|--3------2------0------2--------0A|--0------3------2------0--------0E|--0------0------3------0--------0
F9 C G CYou belong among the wildflowers
F9 C G CYou belong in a boat out at sea
F9 C G CSail away, kill off the hours
F9 C G CYou belong somewhere you feel free
F9 C G CRun away, find you a lover
F9 C G CGo away somewhere all bright and new
F9 C G CI have seen no other
F9 C G CWho compares with you
Chorus Chords the same for Each verse. Run away, go find a lover Run away, let your heart be your guide You deserve the deepest of cover You belong in that home by and by Bridge F9 C Am7 Dsus4, F9 Am7 G You belong among the wildflowers You belong somewhere close to me Far away from your trouble and worry You belong somewhere you feel free You belong somewhere you feel free
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