Tom Petty - Dogs On The Run tab

Besides "The Best of Everything" here's my favorite song of Tom and the Heartbreakers' 
album "Southern Accents": "Dogs on the Run."

Intro: A E A D

A                  E   A             D
Well we come with what was on our backs
                  A      E       A              D
Yeah, when the leaves had died and all turned black
               A         E      A            D
Back when the wind was cold and blew them 'round
        A         E        A       D
When we laid our blankets on the ground
Yeah and I woke up feelin' hungry
Lookin' straight into the sun
and left a cold night on the ground
A                        E D E A
Like a dog on the run --

(same patterns for each verse and chorus, theres a solo space-ish but its the same music 
the verse and chorus, u can figure it out)
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