Tom Russell Band - When Sinatra Played Juarez tab

Here's another one from Tom Russell's Borderland.
When Sinatra Played Juarez

capo 3

Intro C F G C

(C)Uncle Tommy Ga(F)briel, He (C)played the blue(G) piano
(C)While Frank and Ava (F) Gardener danced the (G) wild Juaurenzi (C)tango
(C)Those were truly (F) golden years my (C)Uncle Tommy (G)said
(C)but everything’s(C/G)gone (F)straight to Hell since (G)Sinatra played (C)Juarez

(Am)I wish life was(Em) still like that (F)my Uncle Tommy (C)sa(G)id
(C)But everything’s(C/G) gone (F)straight to Hell since (G)Sinatra played (C)Juarez
(C)You could get a (F)cheap divorce, get your (C)Pontiac tuck and (G)rolled
You could (C)take your dolly to the (F)dog track in her (G)cheap chinchilla (C)stole.

The Fiesta Club,(F) The Chinese Palace, (C)The Old Kentucky Bar(G)
(C)The matadors and (F)baseball heroes and(G) great big movie (C)stars.
(Am)Those were truly (Em)golden years my (F)Uncle Tommy (C)sa(G)id,
‘cause (C)everything’s gone(F) straight to Hell since(G) Sinatra played(C) Juarez

Play Verse Chords for an break.

Now (C)Uncle Tommy (F)Gabriel he still (C)plays Fats Domino(G)
(C)He speaks that border (F)spanglish well, He(G)owns a carpet store(C)
(C)He lives out on his(F) pecan farm, I don’t (C)cross the bridge he(G) says
‘cause (C)everything’s(C/G) gone (F)straight to Hell since (G)Sinatra played (C)Juarez

(Am)Those were truly (Em)golden years my (F)Uncle Tommy (C)sa(G)id,
but (C)everything’s(C/G) gone (F)straight to Hell since (G)Sinatra played (C)Juarez

Everything’s (C/G)gone (F)straight to Hell since (G)Sinatra played (C)Juarez


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