Tom Waits – Jaynes Blue Wish tab

Title: Jayne's Blue Wish
Artist: Tom Waits
Album: Orphans (Bawlers)

One of my favourite Waits songs! Terrible that noone has tabbed it! So here goes!

Okay the chords are played in barre chord form for the majority of the time and there 
a few augmented thrown in there too which will be marked with a *! So here is a list of 
chords used:

D- x5777x
Bm- x24432
Em- x79987
B~- 7xxxxx
A- 577655
G7- 353433
G7*- 4534xx
A*- 6776xx
D/F#- 2x0230
Bm/F#- 2x4432
/- slide

When the song requires a change from D to D/F# the D is open. Unless you want to make it 
for yourself!

Intro: D  Bm / Em  A
    D         Bm  /   Em
The sky holds all our wishes
B~  A                      D    D/F#
The dish ran away with the spoon
G7      G7*            D            Bm
Chimney smoke ties the roofs to the sky
 /        Em           B~
There's a hole overhead
It's only the moon
           D    Bm   Em  B~
Will there ever be a tree
A              A*         Bm  Bm/F#
Grown from the seeds I've sown
G7        G7*      D    Bm  /  Em       
         D    D/F#
Life is a path lit only by the light of those I've loved
       Em       A       D
By the light of those I loved

There is then a horn solo over the same chords until the last line is repeated, again 
the same chords! Finish on D and that's the song!

You can change between barre and open if you want but I'm sure that he uses barre 
Anywho hope you enjoy it! Another masterpiece from the legend that is Tom Waits!
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