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Nobody--Tom Waits

>From "Nighthawks At The Diner"
The song is in 4/4 and the tempo is played somewhat freely.
Arpeggio chords played by Tom on the piano.


Verse 1:
A              E(aug)
Nobody,        Nobody,
Will ever love you,
The way I could love you,
A              A7/G           F#m
Cause Nobody,  Nobody is that strong,
F#m     F(aug)
Love is bitter sweet,
A/E        A(flat 5th)/Eb
And life's treasures deep
But no one can keep 
E                  E(aug)
A love that's gone wrong 

A              E(aug)
Nobody,        Nobody,
A                 C#7        D - - Dm
Will love you the way that I could,
A               A7/G          F#m
Cause Nobody's, Nobody's that strong,
E(aug)              A
Cause Nobody's that strong.

Verse 2:
A              E(aug)
Nobody,        Nobody,
Will ever love you,
The way I could love you,
A            A7/G    F#m
Cause Nobody is that strong
F#m             F(aug)
You've had many lovers,
A/E             A(flat 5th)/Eb 
You've had many others,
But they'll only just break

E                  E(aug)  
Your poor heart in two,

(repeat chorus and end)  

CHORDS: A E(aug) E A7/G F#m F(aug) A/E A(flat 5th)/Eb C#7 D Dm B7e--0---0----0--0----2---1------0-------x----------x--2--1--2b--2---1----0--2----2---2------2-------2----------2--3--3--0G--2---1----1--2----2---2------2-------2----------4--2--2--2D--2---2----2--2----4---3------2-------1----------3--0--0--1A--0---x----2--0----4---x------x-------x----------4--x--x--2E--x---x----0--3----2---x------x-------x----------x--x--x--x
The F#m, F(aug), A/E, and A(flat 5th)/Eb sequence is played with a sort of moving bass down a 1/2 step each chord. As always questions and comments are welcome. Jeff Henscheid
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