Tom Waits – Fall Of Troy chords

   I know it's not exactly right, but it's simple and 
   leaves room to work out how to sing the really deep
   notes in the song. 
        Tabbed by     - flatwound -
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                             FALL OF TROY
     C       G      C     G

C F It's the same with men as with horses and dogs
C G C Nothing wants to die
C F Ethel and james they killed in a game
C G With guns too big for their hands
C F Just off Saint Charles, in no-man's land
C G C F And you'll have to find your own way home, boys,
C G C You'll have to find your own way home
C F The oldest was Troy, an eighteen year old boy
C G C Shot dead in march, in a robbery
C F His brothers started out, to hell and to ruin
C G Troy's killers were never, caught they say
C F Young Nick, he just went bad that day
C G C F Now he'll have to find his own way home, boy's,
C G C He'll have to find his own way home
G C G C Why cook dinner, why make my bed, why come home, at all
F C Am Out the door and through the woods,
C Am Em G There's a world where nothing grows
C F It's hard to say grace, and to sit in the place
C G C G Of someone missing at the table
C F Mom's hair sprayed tight and her face in her hands
C G Watching T.V. for answers to me
C F After all she's only human
C G C F And she's trying to find her own way home, boy's
C G C She's trying to find her own way home
C G C F C G Am My legs ache, my heart is sore, the well is full of pennies
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