Tom Waits - Bronx Lullabye Smugglers Waltz chords version 2

Am7 E9daggers of moonlight
Am7 E9murder the sheets
Dm7 G7 Bm7b5 E7in the stink of a four dollar room
Am7 E9and daddy's gone a-hunting
Am7 E9for a dime bag schoolboy
Dm7 G7 Bm7b5 E7tied up with a yellow balloon
Dm7 G7 C13 F7so hush little baby, Daddy must go
Dm7 G7 Bm7 E7i'll cover you up with a blanket of snow
Am7 E9 by the time i make jersey
Am7 D9 you'll be in heaven
F7 E7 Am7 D9 G7 C9 F7 E7 a pretty blue shoe box I know
Am7 E9so sing a song of ten grand
Am7 E9with a pocket full of dough
Dm7 G7 Bm7b5 E7and i can't take you with me to baltimore
Am7 E9wake god up in heaven
Am7 D9have him look down below
F7 F7/Cthere's a little lost angel
E7 E7/B Am7 D9 G7 C9 F7 E7 Am9blooming in the snow
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