Tom Waits – Trampled Rose chords

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Trampled Rose chords
Tom Waits  (also performed by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss *)

Capo I

Bm BmWoah, woah
Bm BmWoah, woah
EmLong way going to
Get my medicine
BmSky's the autumn grey of a lonely wren
EmPiano from a window played
BmGone tomorrow, gone yesterday
Am EmI found it in the street
Am EmAt first I did not see
Am EmLying at my feet
Am EmA trampled rose
EmPassing the hat in church
BmIt never stops going around
EmYou never pay just once
BmTo get the job done
Am EmWhat I done to you,
Am EmI know you done to me
Am Em Am EmWhat happened to the trampled rose?
EmIn the muddy street
BmWith the fireworks and leaves
EmA blind man with a cup I asked
BmWould he sing 'Kisses Sweeter Than Wine'
Am EmI know that rose,
Am EmLike I know my name
Am EmThe one I gave my love,
Am EmI said it was the same
Am EmNow I find it in the street,
Am EmA trampled rose
* Robert Plant and Alison Krauss same chords but no capo Set8
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