Tom Waits – Johnsburg Illinois Guitaruke chords

Thanks for a beautiful song Mr Waits.  He once said that it was about a guy
chatting someone up in line at the grocery store.  

p.s. guitar chords and my version for ukulele are at the end of the page
(I copied the guitar chords from the "Big Time" songbook, Jalma Music, 1988)

p.p.s. for beginners, myself included, ignore the chord mentioned after the
backslash, it means which version of the chord to use, (play whats 
comfortable for you) and enjoy y'all!


Tom Waits - Johnsburg Illinois
from Swordfishtrombones 1983

slowly, Dadd9 

D B7-9 B7 Em7 C#7She's my only true love she's all that I think of
F#m B7 Em7 A7Look here, in my wallet - that's her
D B7-9 B7 Em7 C#7/E#She grew up on a farm there... there's a place on my arm where I've
F#m B7 Em A7sus4 A7Written her name next to mine
E7/G# Em6/G D/F# Em/GSee I just can't live without her
D/A A#dim7 Bm D7And I'm her only boy ...and
E7/G# Em6/G D/F# Em/GShe grew up outside McHenry
D/A A7 D/A G/AJohnsburg Il- li- nois
(Outro) Dadd9 Gm A13-9 A7-9 --> Dbass ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (not positive, but i think B7-9 = B7b9, A13-9 = A13b9, etc...) GUITAR UKE eadgbe gcea Dadd9 X04230 2425 D XX0232 2225 B7-9 X2121X 4353
B7 X2120X 2322Em7 022030 0202
C#7 X4342X 1112 F#m XX4222 2120 A7 X02020 0100 C#7/E# 003424 same Em 022000 4432 A7sus4 X02030 0230 E7/G# 4X243X 1202 Em6/G 3X242X 0404 D/F# 2X023X same Em/G 3X200X same
D/A X0423X 2220A#dim7 X1202X 0101
Bm X2443X 4222D7 X5453X 2223G/A X05433 0232Gm/A X05333 0231A13-9 X05322 2120 (dunno, i play F#m here)A7-9 X02323 2131 (or A7 0100, 0434)Dbass X5XXXX X2XX (or 7655)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... on the uke i do not use the A13-9 and A7-9 ... my outro is Dadd9, Gm, F#m, low A7, then up to higher A7, ... then finish with a nice clean higher D Danilo from NDG (fledgeling ukulele balladeer)
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