Just The Right Bullets chords with lyrics by Tom Waits - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tom Waits – Just The Right Bullets chords

C7 FmThere is a light in the forest
Eb AbThere's a face in the tree
C7 FmI'll pull you out of the chorus
Eb Fmand the first one's always free
Db Eb Fm Db Eb FmYou can never go a hunting with just a flintlock and a hound
C7 FmYou won't go home with a bunting
Bbm C7 Fmif you blow a hundred rounds
It takes much more than wild courage or you'll hit the tattered clouds You must have just the right bullet and the first one's always free You must be careful in the forest broken glass and rusty nails If you're to bring back somehting for us I have bullets for sale |Fm| - |Fm| - |Fm| - |Fm| |Fm| - |Fm| - |Eb| - |Eb| |Fm| - |Fm| - |Eb| - |Eb| |C| - |C| - |C| - |C| - |Fm|
Fm Eb Fm Eb CE|--------------------------|----------------------------|-----|B|------------------4-------|-------------------4-----4--|--5--|G|---------5------5------5--|---------5------5------5----|-----|D|--3---6------6------------|--3---6------6--------------|-----|A|--------------------------|----------------------------|-----|E|--------------------------|----------------------------|-----|
Why be a fool when you can chase away your blind and your gloom I have blessed each one of these bullets and they shine just like a spoon To have sixty silver wishes is a small price to pay They'll be your private little fishes and they'll never swim away I just want you to be happy That's my only little wish I'll fix your wagon and your musket and the spoon will have his dish And I shudder at the thought of your poor empty hunter's pouch So I'll keep the wind from your barrel and bless the roof of your house |Fm| - |Fm| - |Fm| - |Fm| |Fm| - |Fm| - |Eb| - |Eb| |Fm| - |Fm| - |Eb| - |Eb| |C| - |C| - |C| - |C| - |Fm|
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