Tom Waits – Jockey Full Of Burbon chords

EmEdna Million in a drop dead suit
B7Dutch pink on a downtown train
Two dollar pistol but the gun won't shoot
EmI'm in the corner in the pouring rain
16 men on a deadman's chest
B7And I've been drinking from a broken cup
2 pairs of pants and a mohair vest
EmI'm full of bourbon; I can't stand up.
Am EmHey little bird, fly away home
B7 EmYour house is on fire; your children are alone
Hey little bird, fly away home Your house is on fire; your children are alone Schiffer broke a bottle on Morgan's head And I've been stepping on the devil's tail Across the stripes of full moon's head Through the bars of a Cuban jail Bloody fingers on a purple knife A flamingo drinking from a cocktail glass I'm on the lawn with someone else's wife Come admire the view from up on top of the mast [Chorus] Yellow sheets in Hong Kong bed Stazybo horn and a Singerland ride To the carnival is what she said A hundred dollars makes it dark inside.
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