Tom Waits – Part You Throw Away tab

Dm             A
You dance real slow
A            Dm
You wreck it down
    A#     G            A     Dm
You walk away, then you turn around

Dm       A        Dm        A#
What did that old blonde gal say?
A           Dm
That is the part...
    Dm    A  Dm
You throw a__way

Dm                  A
I want that beggars eyes
A         Dm
A winning horse
  A#   G    A      Dm
A tidy Mexican divorce

Dm         A       Dm        A#
St. Mary's prayers houdini's Hands
       A           Dm
And a Barman who always
Dm   A    Dm

Will you loose the flowers hold on to the vase
Will you wipe all those teardrops away from your face
I can't help thinking as I close the door
Dm         A        Dm
I have done all of this
A      G       A
Many times before

Dm          A
The bone must go
A           Dm
The wish can stay
    A#         G             A         Dm 
The kiss don't know what the lips will say

Dm          A           Dm             A#
Forget I've hurt you put stones in your bed
      A           Dm
And remember to never
Dm    A   Dm
Mind ins__tead

Well all of your letters burned up in the fire
Time is just memory mixed in with Desire
That's not the road it is only the map I say
Dm        A        Dm
Gone just like matches
      A       G        A
From a closed down cabaret

     Dm            A
In a Portuguese Saloon
 A         Dm
A fly is a circling 
A#         Dm
around The room
Dm          A           Dm           A#
You'll soon forget the tune that you play
    A           Dm
For that is the part
    Dm    A  Dm
You throw a__way
    A           Dm
Ah, that is the part
    Dm    A  Dm
You throw a__way
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