Hoist That Rag tab with lyrics by Tom Waits - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tom Waits – Hoist That Rag tab

I can't seem to find a good tab on the net, neither is mine but I think this is a step 
the right direction. I'm just a beginner so this might suck...so if you have any 
PLEASE! send them to wannesmagits@hotmail.com...

Am Dm Em Am Asus B Bsuse:0---0-1---1-------------------------------------------------|B:1---1-3-2-3-2-0---0-1---1-----1---1-3---3-----4---4-5-3-1-0-|G:--2-----------1---1-2-----2---2---2-2-----2---4-4-4-4-2-0-0-|D:----------------2-----2-----2---2-----2-----2-4-------------|A:------------------------------------------------------------|E:------------------------------------------------------------|
I think that's the main riff.
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