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Tom Waits – Make It Rain tab

MAKE IT RAIN  (Tom Waits)    [tab by: AL#13]

verse: Bm Em  (alt) 
chorus: F#m Em Bm

(pretty easy, listen to the song for timing)

intro: Bm Em  (alt) 

Em                Bm   Em              Bm
 She took all my money...and my best friend
Em             Bm    Em              Bm
 You know the it comes again
Em         F#m               Em
 I have no pride...I have no shame
                    Bm  Em         Bm
You gotta make it rain...make it rain!

Since you're gone...deep inside it hurts
I'm just another sad guest on this dark earth(1)
I want to the mercy of the world again(2)
Make it rain...make it rain!

The nite's too quiet...stretched out alone
I need the whip of thunder...and the wind's dark moan
I'm not Able...I'm just Cain(3)
Open up the heavens...make it rain!

I'm close to heaven...crushed at the gate
They sharpen their knives...on my mistakes
What she can't give it a name
You gotta just make it rain...make it rain, yeah!

Without her love...withour your kiss
Hell can't burn me...more than this
I'm burning...with all this pain
Put out the fire...make it rain!

I'm born to trouble...I'm born to fate
Inside a promise...I can't escape
It's the same old world...but nothing looks the same
Make it rain!...Make it rain!

Got to make it rain
Make it rain
You got to make it rain
Got to make it rain
You got to...

I stand alone here!
I stand alone here!
Sing it:
Make it rain!
Make it rain!
Make it rain!
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