Tommy Emmanuel - Daytripper Ladymad tab

                          As recorded by tommy emmanuel

Music by lennon-mccartney
Arranged by tommy emmanuel

Standard Tuning
straight eights

Q=1304/4 Gtr I q q q q q q q q|-0--0--0--0--|-0--0--0---0---||-3--3--3--3--|-3--3--3---3---||-------------|---------3---2-||-------------|---------------||-------------|---------------||-------------|---------------| H E Q E
q q q q q q q q|--0----0---0---0---|--0---0--0--0--||--3----3---3---3---|--3---3--3--3--||-(2)-0-------------|---------------||---------2---0-----|--2------------||-----------------2-|-(2)-----------||-------------------|--0------------| E Q Q Q E q
q q q q q q q q|-0--0--0---0---|--0----0---0---0---||-3--3--3---3---|--3----3---3---3---||---------------|-------------------||---------0---2-|-(2)---------------||---------------|-----2---1---0-----||---------------|-----------------3-| H E Q E +E Q Q Q E
q q q q q q q q||---0---0---0---0---|--0---0----0----0----||||o--3---3---3---3---|--3---3----3----3---o||||-------------------|---------------------||||---2-----------2p0-|-(0)----4-(4)---0h2--||||o-(2)--------2-----|------2-------2-----o||||---0-----3h4-------|---------------------|| Q. E E E E E +Q E E +E E E E
E E E E +E E +Q Q +Q H|-/5--4-2-0-(0)--------|----------------------||---------------0-(0)--|--3---(3)----3--------||----------------------|--2---(2)----2--------||------------------2p0-|-(0)------4-(4)---0h2-||---------------2------|-------2--------2-----||--0------3h=4---------|----------------------| Q. E E E E E +Q E E +E E E E
E E E E +E E E E +Q|-/5--4-2-0-(0)-------|--------------------||---------------0---0-|-(0)----------------||-----------------2-0-|-(0)----------------||-----------------2p0-|-(0)----4-(4)---0h2-||---------------2-----|------2-------2-----||--0------3h=4--------|--------------------| Q. E E E E E +Q E E +E E E E
E E E E +E E Q E E E E +Q E E|-5---3--2--0--(0)-----------|-------0--(0)-------------------||-------------------0--------|-----------0---3--(3)-----0h=2--||----------------------2--0--|--(0)--0-------4--(4)-----0h=2--||-------------------2--------|-----------2-----------2--------||-0---------3h==4------------|--------------------------------||----------------------------|--------------------------------| Q. E E E E E +E E E E +E E E E
E E E E +E E E E +Q|-/5--4-2-0-(0)-------|--------------------||---------------0---0-|-(0)----------------||-----------------2-0-|-(0)----------------||-----------------2p0-|-(0)----4-(4)---0h2-||---------------2-----|------2-------2-----||--0------3h=4--------|--------------------| Q. E E E E E +Q E E +E E E E
(with a percussive feeling!) H. Q E e +H E E +E E +E E +E E +E E|-^2-------------|-0--2--(2)-------/4-|-(4)--2--(2)--0--(0)--2--(2)------||-^0-------------|-0--2--(2)--------5-|-(5)--2--(2)--0-------2--(2)--2---||-^3-------------|-1--3--(3)--------4-|-(4)--3--(3)--1--(1)--3--(3)--3---||-^4-------------|----4---------------|------4--(4)--2-------4--(4)--4---||-^4-------------|--------------------|----------------------------------||--2---x--x--x---|--------x---2--x----|--x-------x-------x-------2-------| Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q
A7 Ab7 C#7+9 H E E E E +Q E. S E E E E +Q Q E E +E E|--------------------|-------------------|----------0----------||-(2)-------2--5-2-8-|-(8)--8--8-8-8---7-|-(7)--7------7-(7)-5-||-(3)-------3----3-6-|-(6)--6--6-6-6---5-|-(5)--5------------4-||-(4)-------2------5-|-(5)--5--5-5-5---4-|-(4)--4------------3-||-------4-4-4------7-|-(7)-----------x-6-|-(6)--6------------4-||--2--2-2-2-2------5-|-(5)-----------x-4-|-(4)--4-4------------| E E E E Q. E +H. E E +Q E E Q. E
F#m7/B +Q E S S E E E E +E q q E q|--------------------|---------------|||-(5)--5-5-5-5-5---5-|-(5)-5--5--5-5-|||-(4)--4-4-4-4-4---2-|-(2)-2--2--2-2-|||-(3)--3-3-3-3-3---4-|-(4)-4--4--4-4-|||-(4)--4-4-4-4-4---2-|-(2)-2--2--2-2-|||----------------x---|---------------|| +Q E S S E E E E +E Q Q E Q
Q Q E E +Q +H h||------0-----0-(0)--|-(0)-----------------||||o---------3--------|-----------3--------o||||-------------------|-----------2---------||||---------------2p0-|-(0)----4-(4)---0h2--||||o-----------2------|------2-------2-----o||||--0-----3h4--------|---------------------|| Q. E E E E E +Q E E +E E E E
Duration Legend --------------- W - whole; H - half; Q - quarter; E - 8th; S - 16th; T - 32nd; X - 64th; a - acciaccatura + - note tied to previous; . - note dotted; .. - note double dotted Uncapitalized letters represent notes that are staccato (1/2 duration) Irregular groupings are notated above the duration line Duration letters will always appear directly above the note/fret number it represents the duration for. Duration letters with no fret number below them represent rests. Multi-bar rests are notated in the form Wxn, where n is the number of bars to rest for. Low melody durations appear below the staff Tablature Legend ---------------- h - hammer-on p - pull-off b - bend pb - pre-bend r - bend release (if no number after the r, then release immediately) - natural harmonic [n] - artificial harmonic PM - palm muting - volume swell (louder/softer) x - on rhythm slash represents muted slash o - on rhythm slash represents single note slash Misc Legend ----------- | - bar || - double bar ||o - repeat start o|| - repeat end *| - double bar (ending) : - bar (freetime) $ - Segno & - Coda Tempo markers - = BPM(8/16=s8/s16), where s8 = swing 8ths, s16 = swing 16ths
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