Tommy Fender - No Drugs tab

hi everyone,

I'm the singer of the band, I hope you enjoy my song!!!!
it's a fast punk-song, like those by the Sexpistols!
play it in powerchords!

Intro: F G F G     D Bb D Bb

F G D Bb( always play these chords)

I saw you you looked at me, I walked right up to you I said "Hi";
you said me to!

chorus: no drugs: no XTC, no speed. no drugs, feel your hart run to
        the weed.

She said boy, are you invain, I said NO CHEAP BITCH; you're trippin'
on cocaine hey,hey,hey


F G D Bb

F    G    F    G    F   G     F   G
No drugs, no drugs, no drugs, no drugs


Fade: F G D Bb F
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