Tommy Reeve – Fall Back On Me tab


if you have any corrections, let me know & i'm gonna change!
have fun, i love it ♥

( standard tuning: E A D G B E )

Intro: D G D G

(Verse 1)

D        G
You pack your stuff in the suitcase
D         G
You´re looking back one last time
D         G
You´re fighting through all your memories
D         A
Try not to loose your mind
D          G
You´re starting on your journey
D          G
There´s much you leaving behind
D          G
Sometimes you´ll get disappointed
 D         A
But at the end your head´s up high

      D           G
And when it´s heavy on your shoulders
     D             A
And it´s hard for you to breathe
     D             G
And you forget the taste of sweetness
     D                     A
And your favourite melody
Then you can fall back on me (yeah)

(Fall back on me, baby)

( ... then just continue... )

(Verse 2:)
You try to climb on a mountain
And dive deep into the sea
Just keep on walking in faith
Even though you don´t believe
There´ll be a storm to come
With no sun and no moon
It´s swirling right up into the sky
Just step in and try to walk through

When it´s heavy on your shoulders...
back on me

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