Toni Gonzaga – Incapable tab

Title: Incapable
Artist: Toni Gonzaga

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Intro: CM7-F#7-C-F

C               F#        C#            FM7       
I think I'm over you, I think 'm over you at last
 Em               Am          Dm     G
Except when soft rain falls I remeber you
   Em                  Am7   Dm             Bb
And when I think of you, It breaks my heart in two

         CM7       FM7       CM7        FM7 
But I'm almost over you, I'm almost over you at last
 Em             Am
Except now I'm alone
 Em                 G
And when I'm feeling blue,
    Dm             Am      Dm             Bb          G
And when I need someone, it all points out to you...oohhh...


C             Em
I'm incapable, incapable,
Even now I can't believe
         Ab               G
That it's still so hard without you,
 C                 Em
I'm incapable, I'm incapable

      Dm                       Fm
And no matter what I do, I'm incapable

Its beyond my hearts control
I'm incapable forgetting you

Interlude: C-F-C-F

 CM7          FM7        CM7     FM7
I wish I'm over you, I wish over you at last
      Em7          Am7
Ever when I'm with someone
 Dm          G
I wish that It was you
        Dm           Bb      G
But It seems so hard to do, hmmmm....

  CM7              FM7
I just got to get over you
  CM7            FM7
Got to get over you at last
       Em            Am7
And no matter how I tried
  Dm             G
Without you I would die
     Em         Am7
Coz everything I do
 Bb         Dm      CM7      G
It only reminds me of you...ohhh...

Repeat chorus
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