Toni Gonzaga - Take Me Ill Follow chords

A D Tired of feeling all by myself
E AFeeling so different from everyone else
A BmSomeone you knew i need your help
E D A Now be friends forever
A DI never found my star everynight
E AFeeling my dream was far from my side
F#m BmYou came along and i saw the light
E D ANow be friend forever
F#m BmI cant face the thought of you leaving
Bm7So take me alone
F GI swear i'll be strong
C FIf you take me wherever you go
C F GI wanna learn the things that you know
C D GNow that you made me believe
C I want you to take me
F Cause i long to be
C F Able to see the things
GThat you see
Am D GNow that whatever you do
E A I'll follow you
A DSomebody must sent you for me
E AWhat do i had you could possibly need
F#m BmAll i can give is my guarantee
E D AYoull be friends forever
F#m BmI cant face the thought of you leaving
Bm7 F GSo take me along i swear i'll be strong (Repeat Chorus)
A DTeach me more in each passing hours
F#m Bm By your side i know i would cover
F#m BmThis is true that you had the power
F#m Bm7 DTo capture this moment in time
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