Tonic - Flower Man chords

			     Flower Man - Tonic

E F# G Flower man, flower man
E F# G When are you gonna grow
E F# G When you gonna lay down
E F# G Everything you know
Flower man, flower man How you gonna sleep With all these people Cutting down your feet
A B C Flower man
A B C Flower man
Flower man, flower man Your head's above the rest If you're gonna trust them You gotta past the test Flower man, flower man You're living in the sun Shattered and hollow You shine for everyone
B C They're given enough to hurt you
B C With all the things they say
B C So you put on your armor
B C And stand in the way
You're wearing the target That took so long to earn And your start looking sideways At every turn You start looking sideways At every turn
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