Tonic - Eyes Of Sand tab version 2

Tonic - Eyes of Sand
Soundtrack to "Scream II"
Open D tuning (DADF#AD), Capo 4th fret 
tabbed by jjhand

Let all parts ring out. Frets shown are numbered relative to capo (0)

Intro/Chorus Riff - () is first time onlyF#|-------------------------|--------------------------|D#|-------------------------|--------------------------|A#|-------------------------|-10-10-10-11-11-11-11-12~-|F#|-(0)--0-/3--0-/3--0------|-10-10-10-11-11-11-11-12~-|C#|-(0)--0-/3--0-/3--0------|-10-10-10-11-11-11-11-12~-|F#|-(0)--0-/3--0-/3--0------|--------------------------|
Verse Riff 1 (0:21)|-------------------|---------------||-------0-----0-----|-0-------------||-----0---------0---|-1-------------||-------------------|-0-------------||-4/5-----4/5-------|-2-------------||-------------------|---------------|
Lyrics: "I reminded someone who thought they knew me that I hadn't changed at all"
Verse Riff 2 (0:34)|------------------|-------------------|-----------------||------0-----------|-------0--0--------|-------0---------| play |----0-------------|-----0----1--------|-----0-----------| |-/4------0--------|-2/4------2--------|-2/4-----0-------| Verse|------------------|-------------------|-----------------| Riff 1|------------------|-------------------|-----------------|
"Wrapped up in a picture perfect package that just stands up way too tall" Play Verse Riff 2 and 1 again "'Cause they see my world... Oooh, through the eyes of sand" Play Intro/Chorus Riff Verse 2 - Same as Verse 1, but lyrics are: "Surely there are good intentions Smiles that we've failed to mention Come along their intervention Someone let you fall down on your knees 'Cause I see your world... Through the eyes of sand" Play Intro/Chorus Riff
Bridge - Play 18x Bridge Ending|-------------------| |--------------------|--------------------||-------------------| |--------------------|--------------------||-------------------| |--------------------|--------------------||-4\2-0-------0-----| |-3---3-3----3---3---|-3---3-3----3---3---||---------2/4-------| |-3---3-3----3---3---|-3---3-3----3---3---||---------------0---| |-3---3-3----3---3---|-3---3-3----3---3---|"We fall down From underground To see the world Through eyes of sand"
Play Intro/Chorus Riff Repeatedly to end with lyrics: "Walking past her... Baby, you're a heart of stone" "You don't know my way home" KEY ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato ************************************
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