Tonic - Wicked Soldier tab

When I heard this song I was strangely pulled
in by it, maybe I just loved the sound. But
when I realised that it wasn't tabbed anywhere,
I decided to do it myself. I think it's right,
I'm not sure if it's 100%, but it sounds good!
I won't put strumming patterns, but it's pretty
easy to pick up! Just listen to the song.
Any questions or comments, write a comment,
and please rate it!


1--------------- ---------|2--------------- ---------|3---5-/-7-\-5--- ---------|4---5-/-7-\-5--- ---5-3---|5---3-/-5-\-3--- ---5-3---|6--------------- x3 ---3-1---| Repeat all x2
Verse: (softer)
1--------------- -------------------|2--------------- -------------------|3---5-/-7-\-5--- -------------------|4---5-/-7-\-5--- ---5-3-------------|5---3-/-5-\-3--- ---5-3-------------|6--------------- x4 Singing starts repeat verse x5 ---3-1- Reapeat all--| x2
1-------------|2-------------|3---7---5-----|4---7-7-5-5---|5---5-7-3-5---|6-----5---3---| x2
Verse: Chorus: Bridge:
1--------------- ---------|2--------------- ---------|3--------------- ---5-7---|4---5-/-5-\-5--- ---5-7---|5---5-/-7-\-5--- ---3-5---|6---3-/-7-\-3--- x3 ---------| Repeat all x 3
Under solo (sorry, I don't know the solo); Verse Chorus: Intro: x3 End on:
There is a bit at the end, they just play a bit witht he chords, but it sounds fine to miss it, if you want. If anyone has it please tell me! Hope that made sense! Enjoy, and happy playing! Remember, please comment and rate!
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