Tony Rice - Any Old Time chords

CI just received your letter
F CYou're down and out you say
F CAt first I thought I would tell you
D GTo travel on the other way
CBut in my memory lingers
C7 FAll you once were to me
F CSo I'm gonna give you one more chance
G CTo prove what you can be
C C7Any old time you wanna come back home
F CDrop me a line and honey say no more you'll roam
G CYou had your chance to play the game fair
DWhen you left me sweetheart
GYou only left a love who cared
CNow that you're down
F CI'm gonna stick by you
F CIf you would only tell me
D GYour roaming days are through
C C7 FYou'll find me here like the day you left me alone
C G CAny old time you wanna come back home
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