Tool – Forty Six & 2 tab


------****** Forty Six & 2
------****** by Tool


*****                 DANNY CAREY RULES!!!!!!!!!!                *****


As usual with Tool songs, drop D tuning.

() - hammer on / pull off
/  - slide up
~  - let resonate
'  - strum at previous note

IntroBass Line:g: --7---5(7)--8(7)--5(7)--2/5d: 0--------------------------a: ---------------------------D: ---------------------------
Intro Guitar: a: 5--3--6----5--3--6---3 (muted) Bridge1 Bass Solo (same as before) Guitar: Let low D string ring semi-harmonically, hammer-on G, then slide low D & release for ring again: D: 0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--------3~~~~~~~~//////////0~~~~~~~ Bridge2 Guitar:
g: ----7~~~~---5~~~~----5~~~~------------------d: 5-7------5-7-----3-5---------------5(4)-----a: ----------------------------------------3(5)D: --------------------------////0~~~~---------
Lyrics1: "Opportune ... Diggin' through ..."
g: ----7~~~~---5~~~~----5~~~~----7~~~~d: 5-7------5-7-----3-5------5-7------a: -----------------------------------D: -----------------------------------
Lyrics2: "I've been crawlin' on my belly ..." (First Time) Guitar doesn't play (except for undistorted open D and closed G-note on 3rd beat) Distortion turned on for "I wanna know what I've been buyin'", and a: 5---5---5--(pulled) Lyrics3: "In my Shadow ... my shadow ... change is comin' through my shadow ..."
a: --5----3-(5)--6-(5)--3-(5)--0-(3)D: 0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~------- /\ Mute low D right here
Lyrics4: "My shadow ... sheddin' skin ..."
g: --7----5//5---8//7---5//7--2//5d: 0-7----5//5---8//7---5//7--2//5a: 0-5----3//5---6//5---3//5--0//3D: 0------------------------------
"Must (some other words) ..."
d: 0-----0---0--0a: 0-----0---0--0D: 0-----0---0--0
Bridge3: D: 12-0-10-0-13(12)-0-12-0-10-0-13(12)-0-7//10 whenever a note isn't being played on a fret, you should be playing the string open (as indicated above) Bridge4: Same as above, but muted. Lyrics5: "I've been crawlin' on my belly ..." (Second Time) Bass Line: g: ---------------------------7~~~~~~~~ d: 0~~~~~~~~3~~~~~~~~5~~~~~~~~0~~~~~~~~ Guitar: a: 5--3--6----5--3--6---3 (muted) Pull on string to "My shadow..." part like before See Lyrics3. See Lyrics4. Lyrics6: "I ... just deliver to ..." D: 5-(7)--00--3-(5)--00--5-(7)--0-5-0-5-3-0 (muted) x4 g: 7''''''''10'''''''9'''''''8''''7'''' /\ bend here and slowly release
d: 0--00-3-(5)-(3)-0-3~~~~~~~~3///////a: 0--00-3-(5)-(3)-0-3~~~~~~~~3/////// x4D: 0--00-3-(5)-(3)-0-3~~~~~~~~3/////// /\ (muted)
SemiSolo: D: 12-0-10-0-13(12)-0-12-0-10-0-13(12)-0 D: 12''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' <- (muted) (bass continues to play above) SemiSolo2:
d: 0--0-0--0-0--0---0-0--0-0--0-0--0---0a: 0--0-0--0-0--0---0-0--0-0--0-0--0---0D: 12-0-10-0-13(12)-0-12-0-10-0-13(12)-0
g: 7----5-----8(7)----7----5-----8(7) g: 7---5---8---7---5---8---7---5---8 /\ bend up here Lyrics7: "See my shadow changin'..." a: 5--3--6(5)---5-3-6(5) D: 0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SemiSolo3:
g: 7--5--8/7---7--5--8/7---2/5d: 7--5--8/7---7--5--8/7---2/5a: 5--3--6/5---5--3--6/5---0/3 x3D: ---------------------------
g: 7--5--8/7------5------d: 7--5--8/7---3--5--0--1a: 5--3--6/5---3--3--0--1D: ------------3-----0--1
Outro1: D: 0--12-0-10(12)-0-13(12)-0-10(12)-0-7/10 x4 Outro2:
d: 0--0--0--0--0a: 0--0--0--0--0 x3D: 0--0--0--0--0
d: 0--0--0a: 0--0--0D: 0--0--0
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