Tool - Eon Blue Apocalypse tab

I've seen this song live, and this is also what I hear on the album, so trust me when I 
this will be the most accurate tab on here.

Band: TOOL
Album: Lateralus
Song: Eon Blue Apocalypse
Tabbed by: Andrew C.
Date tabbed: 12/01/07

Tuning: D,A,D,G,B,E

h = Hammer-On
P = Pull-Off
\ = Slide Up
/ = Slide Down
tr. = Tremolo Picking

+ Guitar Volume Low (Clean)

+ DELAY On Throughout Song = 500ms

In the album, the song fades in, but you don't have to go out of your way with a volume 
or straining your arm to swell your volume in on your guitar. Adam doesn't really fade 
live, all he does in lightly tremolo pick
to give it that effect.

E--------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------|G--------------------------------------|D-*Slow Down Tremelo Picking at 0:33*--|A--------------------------------------|D--------------------------------------|
End Tremelo:0:36E-------|B-------|G-------|D-0--0--|A-------|D-------|
E-------------------------------|B----------------------------3--|G----------------------------2--|D---5-------5-----------0----0--|A-6---6-5-6---6-5-6----------0--|D-------------------8-7------0--| *Strum*
Hope you enjoyed it.
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