Tool – Opiate Acoustic tab

Ok this might sound a little up beat for a tool song but its fun to play if your just 
with your friends.  You can also capo the 1st fret and it wil sound pretty unique.  Don't 
it with the song, it won't sound right.
Use a lot of improv.

Tabbed by: Eric Jones
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Figure out the timing by listeing to the song.

Verse:Choices always were a problem for you.....ecte|---0------0-------1-------0------------|B|---1------1-------1-------1------------|G|---2------0-------2-------0------------|D|---2------2-------3-------2------------|A|---0------3-------3-------3------------|E|------------------1--------------------| Am C F C
***note : When Maynard sings "let me hold my holy hand up, hand upon you" dont play the C and stay on the F major
Bridge:"Like Me...." (Quickly)e|---0-----------------0--2--3--2--3--0--------------|B|---0-----------------3--3--3--3--3--3--------------|G|---1-----------------2--2--2--2--2--2--------------|D|---2-----------------0--0--0--0--0--0--------------|A|---2-----------------------------------------------|E|---0-----------------------------------------------|
Chorus: "My God's will..." Just E major with improv. i use chopes and harmonics over the lyrics and strum hard for the break The back to the verse for the ending on C major This is my first tab so i hope it doesnt suck, just trying to spread some good music to musicians. Have Fun Bitches
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