Toploader - Only For A While tab version 1

artist:  toploader
title: only for a while

tab by:  paddy o'

this is a really good record, i waited for so long for someone to tab this,
but i waited too long and got bored so i did it myself.  the chords are fairly difficult
so maybe you could try sticking a capo on and makin it easier.

if you can help me with this email me.


Eb-Bb 66888x

Bb    688766

Am7b5 X05543

D7    X5453X

once upon a time a child heard a lineBbthat moved himEb-Bbthe child never grew the line it came trueBband all around
inside dreams it staysEb-Bb
dormant through these daysBbthat followEb-Bbreminded only by the saddest lullabyBbthat was whispered
Eb-Bb you've got to lie down for a while Bb this will pass its only mild Am7b5 you've got to ease your mind D7 for a while this sounds right, if u have corrections or queries or improvmements email me... JAYWALKER1985@HOTMAIL.COM
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