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From Fri Mar 21 11:32:01 1997
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 04:05:54 -0500 (EST)
From: The Blue Man 
To: "olga is dead, long live olga OLGA is dead" 
Subject: /a/amos_tori/

spacedog, from utp, by tori.

bass guitar intro: 

no doubt about it, you either need to play it on five string (or tune the four string down,) or you have to play the 4-string vers i put here. it's an 8va up and it doesn't sound _bad_, but just not right, you know?
electric guitar: Cm F5 A Badd4 C#madd11e|-----------|-x-x5x7x-x5--|-----------------|---------4--|b|-4---------|-x7x5x7x5x5--|-----------------|-2---5---5--|G|-5---------|-x7x5x7x5x5--|------10-----10--|-2---4---6--|D|-5---------|-x7x-x7x5x5--|--x-x-10-x-x-10--|-2---4---4--|A|-3---------|-------------|--x-x-8--x-x-8---|-0---2---4--|E|-----------|-------------|--x-x----x-x-----|------------| < ^ ^ "centuries" wah-wah part "lines secure..." "so sure..."
o when she sings the "centuries, secret societies" part, use a volume pedal or the volume knob on the guitar to swell into the Cm. o the wah-wah part has a lot of scruff and artificial harmonics (i've seen Caton do it twice, and it's definately in the V-VII position. o "lines secure..." powrrrrr chord! whoo hoo! tori goes punk! i usually play that muted chord as an E5 with right-hand muting (to the point that all you hear is a "thunk-thunk" in E) but anything you put there will sound okeh. o "so sure..." Caton's playing some really high harmonies on this, swelling in and out, sometimes the chord, sometimes the chord an octave up, and sometimes some melodies. any which way, i'm too lazy to figure it all out, so there are the chords used. if anyone knows what effects he's using here (or in the lives shows,) drop me a line and clue me in, please. -d. --
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