Tori Amos – Sugar tab

Tori Amos
Intro: B5, E5, D5

  B5                            D5  E5    B5
don't say morning's come, don't say it's up to me

B5                     D5      E5    B5  
if i could take 25, minutes out of, of the record books

  Dadd9             Bm11              
sugar, he brings me sugar..

B5, D5, E5

B5                             D5   E5   B5
bobby's collecting bees, and hammers he used one on me

B5                          D5  E5        B5 
cold war with little boys, get in with a bubblegum trade

  Dadd9              Bm11   A                       Asus4
Sugar, he brings me sugar, I know the robins bring, bring me 

A                Dadd9               Bm11   A       
many things but sugar, he brings me sugar, as far as I can see

A                  Bm
I've been gone for miles now.

D             A
you know and i know
D           A
i dont know me
D          A
you know and i know...

Sweet boy when they find you out 
I'll tell you just what they'll do
Oh come and when they find you
tell me what you think they'll do
when they find you out
when they find you out
find out
you're just perfect my sweet boy

(chorus X2)
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