Tori Amos - Happy Phantom chords version 1

Capo on first (1st) fret.

C Am F G And if I die today I'll be the happy phantom
C Am F GAnd I'll go chasin' the nuns out in the yard
C Am F GAnd I'll run naked through the streets without my mask on
Dm FAnd I will never need umbrellas in the rain
Dm FI'll wake up in strawberry fields every day
Dm FAnd the atrocities of school I can forgive
Dm F CThe happy phantom has no right to bitch
AmOo who
CThe time is getting closer
AmOo who
CTime to be a ghost
AmOo who
CEvery day we're getting closer
Dm F CThe sun is getting dim
C Dm F CWill we pay for who we been
C Am F GSo if I die today I'll be the happy phantom
C Am F GAnd I'll go wearin' my naughties like a jewel
C Am F GThey'll be my ticket to the universal opera
Dm FThere's Judy Garland taking Buddha by the hand
Dm FAnd then these seven little men get up to dance
Dm FThey say Confucius does his crossword with a pen
Dm F CI'm still an angel to a girl who hates to sin
(Repeat Chorus)
Dm FOr will I see you dear and wish I could come back
Dm FYou found a girl that you could truly love again
Dm F Will you still call for me when she falls asleep
Dm F COr do we soon forget the things we cannot see
(Repeat Chorus) Please rate and comment! Thanks a bunch! <3 <3 <3
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